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Ranqe Blood

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PostSubject: Information   Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:40 am

Clan Chat Information
Clan Chat: Ranqe Blood

We encourage EVERYONE whilst in-game to remain in the Clan Chat 70% of the time. In this Clan Chat we hold enjoyable conversations and wonderful ideas and just, discussing! (Whilst also abing the rules)

--- Rankings ---

Not In Clan - Gold Star - A clan friend and/or someone currently on my Friends List.

--- Activity ---

Recruit - One Stripe - Number 3 activity ranking.

Corpral - Two Stripes - Number 2 activity ranking.

Sergeant - Three Stripes - Number 1 activity ranking.

--- Goverment Rankings ---

Lieutendant - Bronze Star - This person is either a Council member, or Warlord in CS.

Captain - Silver Star - This person is the Head Council member in CS.

General - Golden Star - This person is a Leader of CS.

Only Me - Golden Key - This person is the person who is holding the Clan Chat.

~Time Zome chart~

GMT -12
International Date Line West

GMT -11
Midway Island, Samoa

GMT -10

GMT -9

GMT -8
Pacific Time (US & Canada); Tijuana

GMT -7
Mountain Time (Us & Canada); Arizona (Fall-winter: Pacific Spring-summer: Mountain), Chihuahua, Mazatlan

GMT -6
Central Time (US & Canada); Guadalajara, Mexico City, Saskatchewan, Monterrey < My Time Zone*

GMT -5
Eastern Time (Us & Canada); Bogota, Lima, Quito, Indiana (East)

GMT -4
Atlantic Time (Canada); Caracas, Santiago

GMT -3:30

GMT -3
Brasilia; Buenos Aires, Georgetown, Greenland

GMT -2

GMT -1
Azores, Cape Verde Islands

Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London, Casablanca

GMT +1
Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, Belgrade, Budapest, Prague, Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, Sarajevo, Warsaw, West Central Africa

GMT +2
Athens, Beriut, Istanbul, Minsk, Bucharest, Cairo, Helsinki, Sofia, Jerusalem

GMT +3
Baghdad, Kuwait, Riyadh, Moscow****. Petersburg, Nairobi

GMT +4
UAE, Muscat, Baku, Tbilsi, Yerevan

GMT +4:30

GMT +5
Ekaterinburg, Islamabad, Karachi, Taskent

GMT +5:30
Chennai, Kolata, Mumbai, New Delhi

GMT +5:45

GMT +6
Almaty, Novosibirsk, **tana, Khaka, Sri Jayawardenepura

GMT +6:30

GMT +7
Hanoi, Jakarta, Krasnoyarsk

GMT +8
Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi, Ulaan Bataar, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Perth, Taipei

GMT +9
Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo, Seoul, Yakutsk

GMT +9:30
Adelaide, Darwin

GMT +10
Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Guam, Port Moresby, Hobart, Vladvostok

GMT +11
Magadan, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia

GMT +12
Auckland, Wellington, Fiji, Kamchatka, Marshal Islands

GMT +13
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