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Ranqe Blood

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PostSubject: Rules - IMPORTANT!   Fri Jan 11, 2008 7:47 pm

Clan Rules/Laws

~ Standard Rules ~

1. All Jagex rules apply
* 2. Attend to at least 2 events weekly
3. Inactivity is not tolerated
4. Attend to the majority of most wars
5. Inactivity on Forums also, is never tolerated
6. Recruit Occasionally
7. No multi-claning
8. Must be respectful
9. Please *try* to post in proper LANGUAGE (no "m8, ldr, pl0x" etc. etc. etc.)
10. Be respectful to all members and goverment

~ Clan Wars & Bounty Hunter ~

1. ALWAYS be aware of what is going on, pay attention
2. Remain on Clan Chat
3. Do not talk about off-topic things
4. Listen to the leader
5. Attack position = Melee Fallz leader and Magers/Rangers keep distance -but still following-
6. Defence position = Melee middle (gate), Magers/Rangers behind the little walls
7. DD = death dot: stand on top of the offical saying it
8. FD in/Fallz = Fall in

~ Meeting Rules ~

1. Do not talk unless you have permission
2. Do not activate any games
3. Listen to the member speaking
4. Do not keep constantly moving around the set area

In the Application, Post this after " Codex " : Bulbasacer

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